Welcome to Growth Partnership’s Development Forum

Successful economic and community development requires access to timely and relevant information and knowledge. The Ashtabula County Development Forum (or ACDF) provides this information to anyone sharing the Growth Partnership’s interest in increasing economic prosperity and vitality and improving quality of life in Ashtabula County.

What type information can you expect to find on the Development Forum? You will find information about:

  • The major work directions and efforts related to the Growth Partnership’s new Forward Ashtabula County action plan.
  • Noteworthy economic and community development projects in Ashtabula County.
  • Advances and changes in Ashtabula County businesses and the county’s strategic industries (manufacturing, tourism, agriculture and agribusiness, health and medical related businesses, and technology businesses).
  • Innovative new ideas, strategies, and policies transforming local economic and community development.
  • Important developments in surrounding counties, the Northeast Ohio region, across Ohio and the U.S., and to some extent internationally.
  • How to increase the impact of economic and community development through innovation and collaboration.
  • Training opportunities in economic and community development.
  • Information and data informing us about the health and well-being of the county economic base, the regional economy, and local communities.
  • New research on economic and community development.
  • Other information that helps us do our economic and community development jobs in Ashtabula County.

Tell us what you would like to see on the Forum!

Want to know more? Please contact us by email at: Don Iannone, Growth Partnership CEO.

One thought on “Welcome to Growth Partnership’s Development Forum

  1. Jack Nettis, President of the Growth Partnership’s Board, shared this comment with me. I am posting on his behalf. Both are good ideas, Jack. Thank you.

    “One thing that can be done is for the Visitors Bureau and Wine Industry promote an evening bus trip from Cleveland to several wineries to include dinner. They probably already thought of this.

    Another opportunity, for the sports enthusiast, would be to visit the Olympic Training venue, the Spire Center. Maybe Coach Meyer would be a host?”


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