Rennick’s Meat Market: Genuine Culinary Alchemy

Ashtabula’s historic Bridge District is alive and well!

A recent Cleveland Scene Magazine article tells the fascinating story of how two seasoned and creative chefs from New York City, Jennifer Pociask and Alex Asteínza, who are partners in life and business, came to Ashtabula’s Bridge District, and how they are fulfilling their dream of running their own first-class restaurant. Rennick’s Meat Market was an impossible dream for the couple in New York City, which is hideously expensive and cutthroat competitive, but it is a very possible dream in Ashtabula. Another sign that the City of Ashtabula and Ashtabula County are on the move!

When Alex and Jennifer relocated from New York City to Ashtabula — taking up residence in the apartment above the restaurant — they joined a neighborhood renaissance already in progress. In the past few years, several classy independent food and drink ventures have sprouted around the Ashtabula Harbor. There’s the Take 5 Harbor Bistro, Bascule Bridge Grille, Harbor Perk, a café and coffee roaster, Cones Ice Cream, and Briquettes Smokehouse, which originally opened in the Rennick space before relocating to larger digs.

Check out Rennick’s here. I had lunch there this past Monday with Ryan Watts, a budding local entrepreneur, who has been a part of the Bridge Street transformation. The food was great and the atmosphere was inviting and interesting. I call it “genuine culinary alchemy.”

Read more about Ashtabula’s Bridge District here and here and here.

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