Harvard Business Review on Mindfulness, No Longer a Flaky Idea in Business

For at least a couple thousand years, Eastern spiritual teachers have encouraged mindfulness by their students and followers in their search for truth. Western university researchers have now made the link between mindfulness and peace, health, and well-being. Even the Cleveland Clinic has endorsed mindfulness meditation as a therapy for patient healing. Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan says we need to become a more “mindful nation.” Now Harvard Business Review is advocating the value of leading and managing in a mindful manner. From a recent Harvard Business Review blog article: “Researchers can’t seem to get enough of mindfulness. Studies have linked it to heightened creativity, improved concentration, lower stress, better working memory, and increased compassion. Now, new research also shows that it helps us overcome biases we’re not even aware we have. The study, published in Social Psychological and Personality Science, suggests that mindfulness meditation can reduce implicit bias—and the negative behaviors that it causes.

Read the whole HBR story here.

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