Ashtabula County Occupational Cluster Analysis

Occupational cluster analysis is a tool that helps a region (county) identify clusters of occupations that show a competitive skills advantage. Occupational clusters are groups of related occupations that have similar job requirements or worker attributes. Schools sometimes group together these occupations as a means of emphasizing vocational and academic skills that are necessary for related occupations. Table 1 below presents a preliminary analysis of the occupational clusters (OCs) in Ashtabula County. OCs are ranked by their LQ (Location Quotient Value). Location quotient (LQ) is a way of quantifying how concentrated a particular industry, cluster, occupation, or demographic group is in a region as compared to the nation. It can reveal what makes a particular region “unique” in comparison to the national average. Agribusiness and Food Technology has the highest LQ of 1.79, which means the cluster is 79% more concentrated in Ashtabula County than the nation as a whole. In addition to this cluster, four others stand-out in importance from a location quotient perspective: Skilled Production Workers, Healthcare and Medical Science, and Public Safety and Domestic Security. The county ranks low in several important scientific and technologically-based occupations, including engineering, math, science, information technology, and management; all are occupations for which the county is experiencing difficulty in recruiting new talent to fill position in local companies. This preliminary analysis provides empirical evidence of this recruiting challenge in the county. Table 1: Analysis of Occupational Clusters in Ashtabula County, 2012

Description Occupation Cluster Employ. Occupation Cluster Share of Total Employ. Occupation Cluster Employ. LQ
Agribusiness and Food Technology 1,206 2.70% 1.79
Skilled Production Workers 4,544 10.20% 1.46
Health Care and Medical Science (Therapy, Counseling and Rehabilitation ) 1,760 4.00% 1.18
Public Safety and Domestic Security 594 1.30% 1.12
Health Care and Medical Science (Aggregate) 2,681 6.00% 1.06
Health Care and Medical Science (Medical Technicians) 534 1.20% 1
Primary/Secondary and Vocational Education, Remediation & Social Services 2,112 4.70% 0.9
Personal Services Occupations 890 2.00% 0.82
Health Care and Medical Science (Medical Practitioners and Scientists) 388 0.90% 0.79
Legal and Financial Services, and Real Estate (L & FIRE) 2,559 5.80% 0.73
Managerial, Sales, Marketing and HR 2,469 5.60% 0.71
Engineering and Related Sciences 275 0.60% 0.69
Arts, Entertainment, Publishing and Broadcasting 692 1.60% 0.67
Postsecondary Education and Knowledge Creation 336 0.80% 0.67
Technology-Based Knowledge Clusters 1,923 4.30% 0.55
Mathematics, Statistics, Data and Accounting 593 1.30% 0.54
Building, Landscape and Construction Design 107 0.20% 0.54
Natural Sciences and Environmental Management 46 0.10% 0.38
Information Technology (IT) 285 0.60% 0.32

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