Ashtabula County Industry Cluster Analysis

The table below provides employment data and the location quotient (LQ) values for the industry clusters represented in Ashtabula County. A location quotient (LQ) is basically a way of quantifying how concentrated a particular industry is in a county as compared to the nation. It can reveal what makes a particular region “unique” in comparison to the national average. The higher the LQ value, the more concentrated the industry is the locale. An LQ value of 7.00 means that the industry is 7 times more concentrated in the locale than the nation as a whole.

Ashtabula County’s top clusters from an LQ value standpoint are: primary metals manufacturing, chemicals and chemical products, advanced materials (especially plastics), forest and wood products, machinery manufacturing, fabricated metals, biomedical and biotechnical products, education and knowledge management, electrical, and equipment manufacturing.

The county’s two most influential clusters based upon both employment and LQ values are: chemicals and chemical products and advanced materials (especially plastics).

Table 1: Ashtabula County Clusters Ranked by Location Quotient (LQ) Values

Description Cluster – Employment Industry Cluster Employment LQ
Primary Metal Mfg 377 8.43
Chemicals & Chemical Based Products 2,311 5.34
Advanced Materials 3,078 3.16
Forest & Wood Products 796 2.84
Machinery Mfg 547 2.83
Fabricated Metal Product Mfg 693 2.42
Manufacturing Supercluster 2,011 1.78
Biomedical/Biotechnical (Life Sciences) 4,573 1.39
Education & Knowledge Creation 1,517 1.33
Electrical Equipment, Appliance & Component Mfg 108 1.31
Glass & Ceramics 55 1.06
Transportation Equipment Mfg 226 0.79
Energy (Fossil & Renewable) 1,054 0.77
Apparel & Textiles 96 0.65
Transportation & Logistics 577 0.63
Arts, Entertainment, Recreation & Vistor Industries 655 0.55
Mining 19 0.41
Agribusiness, Food Processing & Technology 277 0.4
Defense & Security 654 0.39
Computer & Electronic Product Mfg 60 0.26
Information Technology & Telecommunications 288 0.25
Printing & Publishing 118 0.25
Business & Financial Services 580 0.22

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