2015 Hiring Outlook

The Careerbuilders 2015 Hiring report has some good news for Americans seeking jobs or raises. In 2014, the study reports, hiring increased broadly, and that trend is likely to be even more pronounced this year. Hopefully the same will be true in Ashtabula County.

36 percent of employers overall say they will hire more full-time, permanent staff in 2015. That’s up 12 percent from 2014, and the best hiring outlook since 2006. What skills areas are especially hot? Sales tops the list (36 percent), followed by customer service (33 percent), information technology (26 percent), production (26 percent) and administrative personnel (22 percent).

Permanent employees aren’t the only ones in demand—46 percent of employers say they will hire temporary or contract workers in 2015, up from 42 percent last year. While this is partly driven, of course, by a desire to keep costs down and staff up or down nimbly, more than half (56 percent) of those employers plan to transition at least some of their new temporary or contract workers into full-time, permanent jobs.

In 2015, almost a quarter (23 percent) of employers will hire part-time workers, an increase of 6 percentage points over 2014. One motivator is concerns about the Affordable Care Act and its requirements to provide health insurance to full-time employees.

Good news for employees and job seekers, bad news for business owners: Wages and salaries are on the rise. Whatever happens or doesn’t happen with state minimum wage laws, nearly half (45 percent) of employers plan to raise their companies’ minimum wage this year. Nearly seven in 10 will pay $10 per hour, 39 percent will pay $12 per hour and 18 percent will pay $15 or more per hours. The truth is that employers will need to pay more to attract the most qualified workers.

Overall, 82 percent of employers say they will increase compensation for existing employees this year, up from 73 percent last year. Most of the pay increases will be between 1 and 3 percent, but a significant 19 percent of employers will give pay increases between 4 and 5 percent.

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