Switching Industries No Longer Means Starting Over

From Linkedin: Not so long ago, professional success meant decades of dedication to a single company, culminating with the ultimate symbol of a distinguished career – a gold watch. Today, it has become common for people to switch jobs more frequently over the course of their career. In fact, on average, people change companies approximately every five years. As changing companies is common among today’s professionals, shifting careers from one industry to another is also happening more frequently. The portability of professional skills from industry to industry means that people now have more options to switch industries without having to restart their careers from square one.

I think the key to industry switching is: 1) skills and knowledge that are transferable; 2) desire and ability to learn a new industry; and 3) demand for your skills regardless of your industry experience.

Good Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) article here on employee tenure that ties back to the Linkedin article.

Read more here.

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