Where People Live Who Work in Ashtabula County

In 2012, 67% of the people (19,909) who worked in Ashtabula County also lived within the county. The majority of the remaining workers resided in surrounding counties. 7.3% lived in Lake County (2,165), 3.7% in Trumbull County (1,093), and 2.8% in Cuyahoga County (829). This analysis is based upon U.S. Census data. The findings of this short analysis are not surprising. They reflect the regional nature of labor forces which very often span county borders. A variety of interesting questions are raised by this analysis. I will share just two that are on my mind.

1. Do in-commuting workers hold a higher percentage of higher skilled and higher paying jobs than resident workers? For example, do more engineers, medical doctors, and managers working in the county live outside the county? Anecdotal evidence from local employers suggest that more of these workers live outside the county.

2. In which industries are the greatest numbers of in-commuting workers employed? For example, do in-commuting workers tend to work in manufacturing or healthcare?

The Growth Partnership will be examining these and other workforce questions in the near future.

Jobs Counts by Counties Where Workers Live
County of Residence Workers
Count Share
Ashtabula County, OH 19,909 67.3%
Lake County, OH 2,165 7.3%
Trumbull County, OH 1,093 3.7%
Cuyahoga County, OH 829 2.8%
Geauga County, OH 566 1.9%
Mahoning County, OH 493 1.7%
Erie County, PA 444 1.5%
Summit County, OH 419 1.4%
Crawford County, PA 397 1.3%
Stark County, OH 304 1.0%
All Other Locations 2,984 10.1%
Totals 29,603 100.0%

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