Where the Digital Economy is Headed

A recent Harvard Business Review (HBR) article characterizes where the digital economy is headed in the future. Countries studied were grouped into 4 performance categories:

  • Stand Out countries have shown high levels of digital development in the past and continue to remain on an upward trajectory.
  • Stall Out countries have achieved a high level of evolution in the past but are losing momentum and risk falling behind.
  • Break Out countries have the potential to develop strong digital economies. Though their overall score is still low, they are moving upward and are poised to become Stand Out countries in the future.
  • Watch Out countries face significant opportunities and challenges, with low scores on both current level and upward motion of their DEI. Some may be able to overcome limitations with clever innovations and stopgap measures, while others seem to be stuck.

While this subject may seem to be a distant one for Ashtabula County, it isn’t! Everything and every place is impacted by the digital economy. For example, it has given us 3D and 4D printing in manufacturing. It gave us computer aided design (CAD). It gave us geographic information system (GIS) mapping. Our fine dining restaurants in the Harbor District allow us to make reservations online. More and more people are reading the e-version of the Star Beacon newspaper. We need to be thinking of new ways to capitalize on the digital economy in our county!

Ashtabula County Download the article here.

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