Free Course on Taxation and Economic Development

The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy (LILP) offers a FREE online course on Taxation and Economic Development. This is your chance to learn in a more formal way about the theory and practice of economic development and how issues of taxation and tax policy come into play in economic development. Earlier in my career I did considerable amount of work with LILP, especially on brownfields redevelopment. I HIGHLY recommend that anyone with more than a passing interest in economic development invest the time to take this course! 

Course Overview

This course, developed by Jeffrey Chapman of Arizona State University, analyzes the theory and tools of local economic development in the United States. In addition to modules focused on the role of the property tax and economic development, the course also explores economic development theory and the current state of the law on these issues. It examines innovative public financial incentives, the role of the community in economic development, and addresses the special problems in rural areas. It includes case studies offering private and public perspectives on these issues.


  1. Theory of Economic Development
  2. Competition for Economic Development
  3. Economic Development and the Property Tax
  4. Property Tax Abatement as a Means of Promoting State and Local Economic Activity in the United States
  5. Non-Property Tax Incentives for Economic Development
  6. Community and Economic Development
  7. Rural Economic Development
  8. Impact of Incentives on Multi-National Corporations Location Decisions
  9. The Public Sector View of Economic Development: A Case Study of Public Entrepreneurialism
  10. Kelo v. The City of New London and The Use of Eminent Domain for Economic Development
  11. Commerce Clause Limitations on Tax Incentives for Economic Development: An Examination of Cuno v. DaimlerChrysler

To access the course, you will need to register (for free) with the LILP. Here is the access link:

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