People or Technology or Both

Great article on technology replacing people in the work word. Here the start. It’s a popular sport nowadays, discussing if tech is going to kill or create jobs. The answer is simple if you ask me. If we care more about tasks than about people, then tech will replace people. If we care more about people than about tasks, then tech will leverage people.

Think about it this way: I work in your company, I wash the dishes. You buy a dishwashing machine. You can either say “David, good luck!” or you can say “Let’s rock!”

“Good luck” is the task-centered economy. You replace me with a machine. You lower the cost and raise the efficiency. In the innovation economy, this is the race against the machine.

“Let’s rock” is the people-centered economy. You buy a machine so that we can do more valuable stuff together. You raise my value and that of the team. By the way, you lower the cost and raise the efficiency, too. This is the race with the machine, not against it.

In both economies, a job means delivering something that people want. In both economies, people do things together, in companies, because it makes each one of them more valuable and it’s meaningful.

Read on.

Ashtabula County needs to get with the technology program. We need to cultivate more tech businesses, especially for the younger generation workforce. Let’s rock!

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