Talent Challenge is Global, Not Just a U.S. Issue

A recent Manpower report measures the extent of the talent recruitment challenges across the globe. The report says 40% of U.S. employers face challenges, but many other nations face bigger challenges as the chart below indicates.

Global employers report the biggest talent shortages in the skilled trades category. Engineers are second on the list for the third year in a row. Moving up to third, are technicians in production, operations, maintenance and other roles. Sales representatives slipped one place to fourth. Sales manager positions are new to the top 10 this year, placing seventh (up from 12th in 2013). Laborers dropped out of the top 10 altogether due to declining demand over the last three years.


Click on the picture to enlarge it. Download the full report here.2014_Talent_Shortage_WP_US2

talent challenges


One thought on “Talent Challenge is Global, Not Just a U.S. Issue

  1. This is a very important report.
    The Trades are very important, but so are many other fields.
    Workforce development across the board is critical.


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