2015 Area Development Magazine Site Selection Outlook

Each year Area Development Magazine publishes an industry site selection outlook report that talks about drivers and trends in industry site location. It’s always informative, but at times plays like a broken record on the same issues, such as the importance of a trained workforce and high quality sites and buildings are factors influencing facility location decisions. So here is a series of graphics from the most recent survey. Read the whole report here at Area Development online.

Not much commentary here except to say that I find it interesting that more projects are taking place in the Midwest (including Ohio) and that is good news. Why? Because Ohio has many untapped advantages that the “growth belt states” have exhausted. Ashtabula County could position itself for new business investments in the years ahead by improving its sites and buildings, workforce (higher skills) and quality of life (housing, schools, amenities). Each is a challenge that takes time and money, but our county can improve its competitive position if it gets things done in each of these three areas.

To enlarge the images, click on them.







One thought on “2015 Area Development Magazine Site Selection Outlook

  1. We in Ashtabula County should not be surprised by Don’s comments about our potentials.
    We have what makes for economic opportunities:
    A strong infrastructure in our highways, railroads and ports.
    Natural resources in our land availability, access to water (very important to a number of industries), and our nearness to the oil & natural gas from the fracking fields to our south.

    We do need to continue to develop or workforce and encourage others to believe in us by moving into the County.


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