Manufacturing is Cool Again in Ohio

“Manufacturing is cool again.” This sentiment expressed by Kenny McDonald, chief economic officer, Columbus 2020, exactly reflects that of one of the city’s newest manufacturer.  Alex Frommeyer, 27, co- founder of Beam, which produces smart toothbrushes, was drawn to manufacturing.

Named to the “2015 Forbes list of 30 under 30: Manufacturing,” Frommeyer created  his company, with a friend, while studying engineering in college. The classes weren’t capturing their interest but building things did.  So after graduation the two discovered they could “re-invent the dental industry by introducing sensors and connectivity into the consumer dental equation.”

Beam got its first round of financing in Louisville and its second in Columbus. Ultimately, the company decided to locate in Columbus, which offered a variety of advantages. The first was the workforce. As technology will drive future innovation for the company, the software talent at Ohio State University was plentiful. Finally, the area welcomes manufacturing and has a longstanding manufacturing tradition. Read more here.

Ashtabula County offers a high quality location for manufacturing and we need to develop the next generation advantages for the next generation manufacturers. The Growth Partnership’s new manufacturing group, perhaps to be named the Ashtabula County Manufacturing Growth Alliance, can bring about these next generation advantages. Stay tuned for more information on this subject.

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