Understanding the Theory and Strategies of Branding Rural Places

I ran across a great article on rural place branding that supports why Ashtabula County must develop a brand for itself. Here are some salient points from the article:

  1. Branding is, along with other measures, considered an integrated means to keep rural areas vital and alive.
  2. Many rural communities experience a lack of media attention compared to urban places.
  3. Rural areas have good reason to choose branding as one of their instruments to turn around some of the developments described earlier. Generally, the purpose of branding is to improve the overall perception and to increase professional exposure of the qualities and opportunities in rural areas.
  4. There is significant literature on the emergence of place brands. Branding connects with the idea that places matter more than ever in the negotiation of global forces, as local forces confront globalization and translate it into unique place-specific forms.
  5. Place branding strives to strengthen the identity and imaging of a location.
  6. Place branding takes its point of departure in the identity of places and in the local norms, values and practices, and constructs of these places.
  7. It seems that a transition has occurred from place marketing to place branding.
  8. Branding is everybody’s job, including local governments, businesses, economic development organizations, tourism bureaus, foundations, healthcare institutions, and schools, colleges, and universities.

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