Job Gains by Ashtabula County Businesses by Business Stage, 2004 and 2013

This article presents an analysis of job gains by Ashtabula County businesses in two years: 2004 and 2013. Job gains are increases in employment by businesses. On the other hand, job losses (not shown here) are decreases in employment by businesses. In this analysis, we are only interested in understanding which businesses (by stage of business) added the most new jobs in 2004 and 2013.

The job gain data are presented by “stage of business,” as defined by the Edward Lowe Foundation in Michigan. The chart below defines stage of business in terms of employment size. For example, stage 2 businesses have 10-99 employees.

In 2004, the total job gain by all businesses in Ashtabula County was 3,719. In 2014, the total job gain by all local businesses was 3,433. Stage 2 businesses (10-99 employees) had the greatest job gains of all stage businesses in both 2004 (a gain of 1,404 jobs or 37.8% of total job gain) and 2013 (a gain of 2,061 or 60% of total job gain). In both years, Stage 2 businesses were the biggest contributor to job gains in Ashtabula County. Stage 2 businesses are a prime target for economic gardening efforts, which focus on growing local companies with the potential to grow even more in the future in terms of both jobs and sales.

We will be sharing other analyses of the Edward Lowe Foundation data in the future here on the forum.

(Click on the chart below to enlarge it.)

ash co bus job gains by stage

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