Top Jobs Today That May Disappear By 2025

By now, you know I have a deep interest in futurism. I even took a series of courses on the subject back a few years ago. History is a great thing; it roots us and provides perspective to life, but everyone wants to know what the future holds. This article is from Fast Company Magazine. It concerns hot jobs today that will fade in importance in the next decade, and jobs that will grow in importance in the future.

Ashtabula County must be ready for the future. Our schools must do a better job of orienting children and young people for “future work.” Employers must do a better job of helping workers transition to the jobs of the future. Workers must broaden their their concept of what work is and will become, and they must prepare themselves for the jobs of the future through education, training, and lifelong learning.

So, here we go…

Many jobs in 2015 that are considered “hot” likely will be much diminished by 2025, according to Graeme Codrington, a futurist at TomorrowToday Global. Is yours on the chopping block?

Front-line Military Personnel Will Be Replaced With Robots: While maybe not a “hot job” today, there are still many young people in many countries around the world who are incentivized to sign up for military service as a viable career option, says Codrington: “The U.S. military will lead the way, but will soon be followed by other advanced military forces, including China, Russia, and Israel, to replace front-line troops with robots, drones, and other mechanical fighting machines. Wars will be engaged remotely.”

“This will, of course, create new military jobs in the new engine rooms of these wars, with drone operators, robot designers, and cyber warfare experts in high demand,” he says. “But the front-line trooper will find no place in the military.”

Private Bankers and Wealth Managers Will Be Replaced With Algorithms: “Already we’ve stripped the financial industry of its most iconic personnel: the stock exchange floor traders. Now we’ve even taken most of the backroom traders away too, as stocks, currencies, and commodities are all traded by complex—and lightning fast—algorithms,” says Codrington. “The next group of financial experts to be replaced by machines is going to be private banker deal makers and the personal wealth managers. Their primary jobs involve information arbitrage—they know where to find you money, or find return on your money. When the machines know how to do this, we will dispense with the people fairly quickly.”

Lawyers, Accountants, Actuaries, and Consulting Engineers Will Be Replaced With Artificial Intelligence: “Any professional that is mainly involved in dealing with information is going to be replaced by algorithms and AI,” says Codrington.

In the last two centuries, we’ve seen two significant shifts in the global labor market,” says Graeme Codrington, futurist at TomorrowToday Global. “First we stripped the agricultural sector of workers, and then we did the same to manufacturing. Now the machines are coming for the tertiary sector, and will begin to strip companies of their white-collar workers in the next decade.”

What that means, says Codrington, is that some of the hottest jobs of today could be obsolete by 2025 (check out the sidebar to see if yours is on the chopping block). Yet all hope isn’t lost, he says. “History tells us that somehow the labor market creates new jobs whenever it destroys some old ones. While it’s easy to see how the overall job market could contract significantly, and certainly many jobs that exist today will not exist in a decade or two, it’s also quite easy to see myriad new jobs being created.”

So just what are the jobs that will be in demand in this brave new world only a decade away? Codrington and two other futurists give us their predictions. Click here and find out what jobs they see in the future.

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