Widening the Circle: Engaging a Young and Diverse Workforce in Economic Development

By Emily Brown, Economic Development Research Group
International Economic Development Council (IEDC)
June 8, 20015

This is a must read about how economic development needs to step-up efforts to engage young and diverse professionals and leaders. Many lessons to take to heart from the document you can download here: EDRP_Widening_the_Circle It is consistent with Growth Partnership’s effort to become more inclusive and help young leaders advance and enter the economic development world in Ashtabula County.

Engagement of young and diverse populations in economic development will ensure the continued success of the field and the organizations within it. Diversity in age, gender, race, and sexual orientation leads to new ideas and reinforces connections to local communities and new markets. Recruiting a diverse workforce is an essential responsibility of economic development organizations in order to advance the field and to strengthen their own organizations with new perspectives and new leaders.

Widening the Circle: Engaging a Young and Diverse Workforce in Economic Development documents current diversity metrics in the economic development field, explores the impact of organizational culture, and highlights ways that engaging diverse populations can strengthen both EDOs and the profession. It also provides strategies and best practices in hiring, development, and compensation and benefits that support diverse populations.

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