Understanding the Internet of Things (IoT)

We need to understand new things, especially major technological developments that will change people, how they live, where they live, how and where they work, and how and where they play. The Internet of Things (IoT) is important for Ashtabula County businesses and residents to understand. It will impact the future of houses, jobs, and many other things.

Concerned about place-making, business site location, contingent workers, job-sharing, worker training, managing crime in the community, and other issues that come into play in economic and community development? The IoT will have something to do with all of these issues and many others.

For anyone that doesn’t firmly understand that concept, the Internet of Things is essentially the interconnectedness of digital devices that live offline. So, instead of thinking about your computer connecting to the internet through an ethernet cable, think about fitness monitors on your wrist, sleep monitoring apps, home automation systems and the like that are all connected to the cloud — or each other — in some way. In it’s most extreme form, many, many things would have some sort of identifier and would be connected to a cataloguing system so that computers could track patterns and anticipate needs of individuals accurately. While this might sound somewhat 1984ish, consumers’ demand for interconnectivity and personal customization is inexorably pushing modern technology in this direction.

How can you learn more about IoT? Check out these references:


Infographics & Videos

Origin & History

Market, Momentum & Hype

Adoption – Hopes, Dreams, Vision, Strategy & Schemes

Architecture, Research & Evolving Standards

Landscape & Ecosystem

What Could Possibly go Wrong?

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