Dealing with the Youth Disconnect


Phoenix: Policymakers and Educators Tackle Youth Disconnection

An article in the Arizona Republic based on Measure of America’s One in Seven report galvanized efforts in Phoenix, Arizona, to reengage disconnected youth. Beginning with several summits convened by the Maricopa County Education Service Agency in 2014, leaders from local government, educators, and philathropists have come together in order to raise significant funding and coordinate their responses to the high levels of youth disconnection in Phoenix.

Efforts of Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz & 100,000 Opportunities Initiative Informed by MOA Analysis

This summer, Howard and Sheri Schultz coauthored an op-ed in the New York Times announcing the launch of the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative, a coalition of over thirty leading US companies “committed to training and hiring 100,000 Americans between the ages of 16 and 24 who are out of school and not working.” Their op-ed relies on Measure of America’s benchmarking research on youth disconnection to frame their goal. With their dedication, the investment of $30 million of their family foundation’s capital, and the coalition they have rallied around the issue, real progress is possible.

Measure of America’s high-level analysis of the systemic problem of youth disconnection helps to frame priorities, but we don’t stop there. Built on the localized analysis we’ve performed, the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative has begun to focus its energies in a metropolitan area especially hard-hit by youth disconnection: Phoenix, Arizona.

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