Kauffman Foundation’s Metro Entrepreneurial Trends Report

The Kauffman Index: Main Street Entrepreneurship Metropolitan Area and City Trends

This report provides a broad index measure of small local business activity for the forty largest metropolitan areas of the United States. Key findings include:

  • Small business activity is on the rise 38 of the top 40 largest metropolitan areas.
  • The top five metropolitan areas for small business activity as measured by the Index were New York, Boston, Providence, San Francisco and Portland.
  • Insights on business owners demographics:
    • Metro areas with the highest rates of female business owners were Portland, Ore.; San Francisco; Nashville, Tenn.; Austin, Texas; and Miami.
    • Metro areas with the highest rates of older adult business owners (ages 55-64) were Portland, Ore.; Austin; San Diego; Los Angeles; and Miami.
    • Metro areas with the highest rates of young adult business owners (ages 20-34) were Miami; Nashville; Austin; Jacksonville; and Portland, Ore.

This index presents an equally weighted index of two normalized measures of small and local business activity:

  1. The Rate of Business Owners in the economy, calculated as the percentage of adults who own a business on average, per year.
  2. The Established Small Business Density of a region, measured as the number of established (older than five years) small employer businesses (with less than fifty employees) normalized by population.

Click here to download the full metro report. Cleveland MSA is on page 41.

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