Wealth Transfer in America: A Megatrend to Understand

The massive transfer of wealth in America is a big issue that will transform the economic landscape of EVERY community in America, including Ashtabula County. We need to become better informed about this trend. Look at the generational realities of this trend!

Deloitte University Press published a VERY insightful report on this subject. It begins by saying that wealth management in the United States is a huge business today. And it is about to get a lot bigger. The Deloitte Center for Financial Services expects US household assets to increase from $87 trillion today to over $140 trillion by 2030, of which nearly $64 trillion will be in investable financial assets. This means that in 2030, between $150 billion and $240 billion in wealth management fees could be up for grabs.1

But for financial firms to fully exploit these potential opportunities, they will need a refined understanding of how this wealth will be distributed among different age cohorts. Generational segmentation is not a marketing gimmick—there is vast evidence to show that the financial, behavioral, and life-stage tendencies of different generations are meaningful and unique.

Download the report here: DUP_1371_Future-wealth-in-America_MASTER (1)

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