Daily Signal: Why Americans Should Celebrate the Brexit Vote

According to the Washington-based Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal, the United States should seize upon Brexit as a tremendous opportunity to sign an historic free trade agreement with the United Kingdom—a deal that would advance prosperity on both sides of the Atlantic. Brexit will also strengthen the Anglo-American special relationship, the most important bilateral partnership in the world.

Britain outside the EU will be a stronger ally for the United States, from confronting Russian aggression in Eastern Europe to defeating the Islamist terror threat.

Britain’s decision to leave the EU should be a cause for celebration here in America. Brexit embodies the very principles and ideals the American people hold dear to their hearts: self-determination, limited government, democratic accountability, and economic liberty. A truly free and powerful Great Britain is good for Europe and the United States.

Read the complete story here.

One thought on “Daily Signal: Why Americans Should Celebrate the Brexit Vote

  1. The UK represents less than 5% of our trade now, and with the Pound in freefall I don’t think they will become a better purchaser of our goods. The stronger ally argument is bunk as a: they already are one of our strongest, and b: they just voted for an isolationist agenda– what makes the neocons at Heritage think that a solo UK (excuse me, England, since Scotland and Northern Ireland are looking to leave now) would be interested in fighting wars? There’s nothing whatsoever to back up Heritage Fdn’s assertions. Fomenting economic instability to pursue a frankly ridiculous agenda is reckless and irresponsible of them.


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