Learn from Rochester about Economic Gardening

Economic gardening is a business development approach that can help Ashtabula County young companies. We can learn from other places using this approach. One such place is Rochester, NY.

The Greater Rochester Regional Economic Gardening Program is designed to provide sophisticated, tailor-made technical assistance to local companies poised for growth in the Greater Rochester, NY region. GRE partners with the Edward Lowe Foundation, a national nonprofit organization that supports entrepreneurship, to provide this unique program to Rochester area companies.

Economic gardening is ideal for second-stage entrepreneurs because it focuses on critical strategic challenges they’re wrestling with – from developing new markets and refining business models to assessing competitive intelligence. By providing second-stage CEOs with action-oriented tools and information, economic gardening specialists point them to new opportunities they may never have thought of on their own. Selected companies will have access to a suite of high-end, high-speed development tools.

  • Identify qualified leads by sorting contents of extensive databases
  • Map geographic areas using GIS software to facilitate targeted marketing efforts
  • Review core strategies related to commodity and/or niche markets
  • Examine social media utilization to connect with customers
  • Place your website in front of more customers using search engine optimization
  • Analyze employee temperament to build strong management teams

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